IMG_20130626_084632_534G&B Environmental, Inc. has satisfied customers needs year after year. We provide peace of mind.  You no longer have to keep filter inventories or scheduled change outs.  Since they are not seen, filters are easily overlooked, and the overworked maintenance department is usually taking care of other more pressing responsibilities.  We can take your filter maintenance problems and put them on a computerized maintenance program. This will allow us to schedule the changes to suit your specific needs and will free your maintenance crew to help you do what you do best – run your company.

Using G&B Environmental services provides major benefits.

Excellent service, quality products, and custom fit filters will keep your equipment cleaner, lasting longer, and providing a much cleaner environment.  Below are just a few ways G&B will save your organization money.
  • Personnel time and cost:  By having regular scheduled consistent service to handle HVAC filter changes, your maintenance personnel are free to do other important activities that need to be done thru the course of the day.  Filter changes will not be forgotten or pushed back due to other pressing needs.
  • Maintenance and repair cost:  By using quality product and reliable service, your airflow will be enhanced allowing your equipment to operate more efficiently, needing less expensive repair and maintenance.  In addition, by using custom built frames for the filters you will decrease blow-by and gaps that contribute to contamination of mechanical equipment.
  • Replacement cost:  The regular changing of air filters and preventative maintenance checks will prevent your HVAC system from wearing out sooner, saving you in expensive early replacement costs.
  • Monthly utility savings:  A clogged air filter causes a 10% reduction in airflow and increases operation costs by 11%.
Consider turning your preventative maintenance filter service over to G&B Environmental, Inc.   We offer filters, v-belts and cleanings at an affordable rate, custom tailored to your needs.  Contact us today!

Our Commitment

G & B Environmental, Inc. is committed to making facilities managers and business owners more effective in their jobs–allowing them to concentrate on store management, day-to-day operations, and their customers; not HVAC problems.  We don’t benefit if your HVAC system needs to be repaired or replaced.  Therefore, we do everything we can to keep it running efficiently!