Featured Service – Filter Replacing

Automatic, periodic replacement of filters will improve efficiency and cut your operating costs. We come to your location and change filters for you.


Featured Service – Dust Control

Dust control maintenance available including, filters, hardware, and experience to keep equipment running for your organization.

Featured Service – Water Filtration

Water filtration and treatment products used in commercial and light industrial applications.


Featured Service – Combing Coil Fins

We straighten all types of coil fins. Combing is the most efficient way to repair coils. Bulk rate discounts available.

Featured Service – Coil Cleaning

Our trained coil cleaning technicians also clean the coils from the inside out. G&B has been cleaning all kinds of coils for over 25 years.


Featured Service – Filters for sale

Filters available for most applications. We offer quick response time to getting your filters on time – every time.

Before and after hail comb pictures

Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words. Below you can see the difference before and after the hail comb…

PreVent® Equipment Protection Air Filters

Permatron’s patented PreVent® Equipment Protection Air Filters can save you thousands of dollars and man hours, in equipment downtime and maintenance costs by preventing debris from entering the system. Manufactured with UV protected polypropylene, a washable media, these filters can be used in hostile outdoor and indoor environments. Filter installation requires no system modifications or electrical hookups. Custom made to exact dimensions with a steel or vinyl frame, filters are easily affixed to the outer perimeter of the air intake with our unique, patented hook/loop or magnetic stripping, as well as grommets and mounting kits.

Condensers, AHUs, Air Chillers, Louvers & RTUs

  • Prevent coils and fins from clogging.
  • Reduce the need for frequent coil cleaning.
  • Reduce equipment damage due to power washing & solvents.
  • Optimize cooling efficiencies.
  • Enable optimum efficiency of internal filters and extend life.

Cooling Towers

  • Prevent clogging of fill material and extend fill life.
  • Prevent sludge build-up in water basins.
  • Prevent clogging of strainers and blow-down valves.
  • Help fight bacterial proliferation by eliminating debris nutrients.
  • Diffuse sunlight to help fight algae growth.
  • Eliminate downtime due to fouling & clogging.

Compressors & Manufacturing Machines

  • Prevent dust and debris from clogging equipment.


  • Maximize Equipment Efficiency
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs/Labor
  • Decrease Energy Consumption
  • Minimize Compressor Failure
  • Low Initial Air Flow Resistance .02-.05 in. w.g.
  • 5-Year Warranty

Prevent airborne particles and debris from entering air intake openings:

  • Cottonwood
  • Leaves
  • Seeds
  • Pollen
  • Nesting/Insects/Birds
  • Construction Debris
  • Food Processing Debris

Easy cleaning: Media can be easily cleaned in place with a broom, shop vacuum or rinsed clean with water as needed. Inherent electrostatic charge in media captures fine particles, as well as larger debris. UL Classified As to Flammability Only.

Snowplows and Front Loaders Clean Up Hail Covered Streets in Coon Rapids

Immediately calls start coming in for replacing coils and combing fins on air conditioners after storm hits Northern suburbs of Minneapolis.  You can avoid this by installing simple yet effective hail guard over these sensitive aluminum fins by calling before the trouble starts.  Call 1-800-416-2018 or locally 952-469-3024.

Before hail comb IMG_20170808_171901449_HDR

After hail storm in Coon Rapids

After hail comb IMG_20170808_175228282_HDR

Fin Repair comb out

hail guard with flangeIMG_20170808_183910593_HDR

Install Hail guards for next storm


Frozen AC Coils Can Be Caused By the Following:

  1. Air filters that need cleaning
  2. Fans that are broken and blocking airflow
  3. Blocked up condensate lines
  4. Malfunctioning thermostats can freeze AC coils
  5. Possible refrigerant leaks

G&B is committed to helping building owners, property managers, engineers,  and facility professionals lower their operating expenses.  We offer a cost-effective, customized preventive maintenance plan for your commercial building that will provide you with peace of mind, improved comfort, and energy savings.