Clean vents won’t help with Coronavirus but UV light services will

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We are getting calls about vent and duct cleaning to protect clients and their staff from Coronavirus. Unfortunately, while cleaner vents and new filters can help create a healthier environment they can’t stop micro-organisms in the Coronavirus. Microscopic allergens and other contaminants travel through the ducts in […]

Featured Service – Dust Control

Dust control maintenance available including, filters, hardware, and experience to keep equipment running for your organization.

Featured Service – Combing Coil Fins

We straighten all types of coil fins. Combing is the most efficient way to repair coils. Bulk rate discounts available.

Featured Service – Coil Cleaning

Our trained coil cleaning technicians also clean the coils from the inside out. G&B has been cleaning all kinds of coils for over 25 years.


Featured Service – Filters for sale

Filters available for most applications. We offer quick response time to getting your filters on time – every time.