Coil Protection – HVAC Hail Guards Hail Protection – Prevent Filter Intake Screens

  • YORK CHILLER Coil Protection


    Complete Bryant Hail Guard Post 65 Rosemount


    Minimize Compressor Failure

    Cooling Tower Coil Protection


  • Reduce Maintenance Cost/Labor
  • Decrease Energy Consumption
  • Hail Damage Protection
  • Maximize Equipment Efficiency
  • Low initial Air Flow Resistance .02-.05 in. w.g.

We work with Permatron  and some of the Cottonwood Filters and Cottonwood Filter Screens to build solutions that keep the Cottonwood and other dirty, debris and creatures from getting into your HVAC systems. Failure to provide adequate airflow to a building or HVACR systems and production/process equipment adds up to a costly loss of productivity in safe, efficient system operations.  Costly demand service calls from building tenants complaining of diminished cooling capacity during the hot summer months can add up as well.

Hail Guard media made of rigid black PVC coated polyester netting is available  and very easy to install.