Filter Replacement

Did you know that a dirty of clogged filter in your air conditioning or heating system can reduce efficiency by 50% and include your operative costs more than 10%? With today’s increasing energy bills can you risk that cost.

Automatic, periodic replacement of filters will improve efficiency and cut your operating costs. G&B can help with our scheduled filter replacement service. G&B Provides Filter Change-out according to your needs.

filter drawingNew & Green! G&B Environmental has been working on a filter changing system that will save you money and is good for the environment. With standard filters, you throw away the entire filter, creating much waste.  We can custom build filter holding frames, reducing the amount of material going into the dumpster every time filters are changed.

Why not replace the filter without the frame?  Very popular with our clients!

Standard Filter Replacement Service Include

  • Scheduled worry free replacement of air filters on equipment.
  • Use of customized air filters to prevent warping and air leakage around filters.
  • Inspect condensing and evaporator coils.
  • Visually check for leaks from equipment & piping.
  • Inspect drip pans and J-traps on each unit.
  • Inspect belts & pulleys—adjust as necessary.
  • Inspect outside air screens or change filter media when needed.
  • Notification of any mechanical problems or potential problems.
  • Replace V-belts if necessary and when available at no charge.
  • Make sure that units are sealed tight for correct operation.

Filter Replacement FAQ Is there anything special about G& B Environmental filters?

  • Our standard polyester filter material is three times more efficient than fiberglass in trapping pollutants.  Dustlok is a true MERV 8 filter medium. We install new galvanized steel frames, which generally provide a better fit and more efficient operation than cardboard framed filters. Only the filter media is replaced.

Why should I use G & B Environmental, Inc.?

  • The number one cause of equipment breakdowns is clogged filters. 90% of these breakdowns can be directly or indirectly attributed to dirt in the system. If, by changing the air filters regularly and say eliminating 90% of all HVAC repair calls, we feel we’ve done our job!

What does the filter technician do when he services our locations?

  • Changes all filters.
  • Leaves the soiled filters behind for inspection.
  • Visually inspects the unit for obvious problems and reports to manager.

How often are filters changed? 

  • According to your needs, as often as weekly.