Water Treatment Services

G&B Environmental, Inc. now supplies a large selection of water filtration and treatment products used in commercial and light industrial applications. Water filtration provides the quality assurance and consistency to meet the demanding needs of the food service industry. Water filtration and ‘treatment’ equipment will also protect water using equipment such as coffee machines, steamer ovens and ice machines. Speak to our team and learn how G&B Environmental filtration products can solve your food service water quality needs.

We work with Optipure because they manufacture a wide variety of OptiPure Water systems available depending on your needs. Whether you are trying to reduce maintenance costs on your ice machine, wanting to improve the efficiency of your coffee, espresso or tea machine, needing to protect your steamer, proofer, combi oven booster heater and boiler against scale, or simply wanting a better tasting fountain beverage, we have a system to fit your needs. Both single and multi-point systems are available. Just tell our sales staff what your objectives are and we will help you reach your goals. OptiPure focuses on the foodservice water treatment applications and thoroughly understands the unique requirements and demands of the industry.