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G&B Environmental, Inc., has satisfied our customers since 1992. We have been a Better Business Bureau A+ Member since 2004. Why? Because G&B Environmental is trusted. It’s that simple. We provide peace of mind by taking care of your company’s filtration and purification needs. When you provide excellent products and services, and your dependability is second-to-none, customers become long-term clients.

Our products and services are highly respected, our pricing is competitive, and our service to you by our trained technicians is both excellent and on time, every time! The companies and small businesses that we have built long-standing relationships with a range in size from small, independents to multi-facility corporations and are among the most recognizable companies around, both regionally and nationally. We operate in the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area, as well as Greater Minnesota, but also we serve companies on the East and West Coasts. G&B Environmental’s presence is ever-expanding to better serve you!

Whatever air and water purification and surface disinfecting needs your business or home has, we are able to put them on our computerized maintenance schedule. This will allow us to schedule changes and services to suit your schedule and specific needs, freeing up your maintenance staff to help you do what you do best-run your company.


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Our Commitment to You

G&B Environmental, Inc., is committed to providing you with excellent, reliable and affordable service. Our mission is to free up business owners, facility managers and maintenance personnel by allowing them to concentrate on business management, day-to-day operations and their customers. We don’t benefit if our services don’t produce for you. Therefore, we do everything we can to keep your company and its air systems running smoothly, efficiently and safely. That’s our commitment to you!


Our Supply Partners

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Building Efficiency Experts

  • Building Success
  • Field Diagnostics

Water and Reverse Osmosis Suppliers

  • 3M – Cuno
  • Everpure
  • Mavea
  • OptiPure
  • United Filters