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When examining the process of air filtration, many factors can influence desired air quality. Such factors include type of environment, size of building, number of units, and volume of foot traffic.

With so many different variables affecting the filtration process, it’s important to use a type of filter that’s adaptable to changing conditions. Our custom-built frames and pad method of filtration is very adaptable to such conditions. Our frames can be built for any size unit, are extremely durable, and allow for quick and easy filter change-outs. Many of our clients have chosen to go with our custom frames due to long-term cost savings, their versatility and because they generate less waste over time.

Ask our customers. They’ll tell you they’re happy with the results.


Our Custom-built and Fitted Frames Are:

Cheaper. Easier. Stronger. Last Longer. Ecological…. Now That’s Smart.

  • Economical: Cost savings pay for the frames for ROI within a relatively short time frame.
  • Labor Savings: Media is quickly and easily loaded into the channel of the holding frame. Eliminates carrying multiple sized filter boxes up and down ladders.
  • Versatile: All frames are made to order, so they can be custom fit to each air handling unit. No need for spacers. Multiple filter applications can be reduced to one long holding frame, eliminating gaps between filters
  • Durability: Our frames and support wires are made of galvanized stainless steel. They will not rust, break down or lose form.
  • Improved performance: 100% effective face area for better airflow, filtration and dust holding capacity.
  • Ecologically Smart: Why dispose of the entire filter? With our frames, you replace only the filter media. Disposal in volume and weight for landfill is greatly reduced.

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