For Restaurants, Bars and Service Technicians out there that have had business slowed or shutdown; we have some useful information regarding what you should be doing with water applications and your filtration systems in shutdown restaurants during this pandemic.n

If you have not had water running through your water filtration equipment in the past week for example you will want to flush water through your filters ASAP. Followed by flushing your water filters every 3-4 days to maintain the life.n

If however, you have gone past 7 days since having water run through your filters and food service equipment you may have other issues. For example in this scenario it has been determined that microbiological growth can occur within the filter cartridges past 7 days. Water filters are meant to have water running through them continuously without stop with exceptions only to weekends and long holidays (per manufacturers). If this is the case you will unfortunately have to replace your current water filter cartridges and sanitize your filter head and equipment the filters were leading to.n

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