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G&B Environmental, Inc.

G&B Environmental, Inc., is committed to providing you with excellent, reliable, and affordable products and services. Our mission is to free up facility managers and business owners to do their jobs more effectively by allowing them to concentrate on business management, day-to-day operations, and their customers.

We don’t benefit if our services don’t produce for you. Therefore, we do everything we can to keep your business and its systems running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. That’s our commitment to you!

Quality Products

From air and water filters and cottonwood prevent screens to air purification systems and electrostatic sprayers, you can’t protect your employees or family members and the air handling systems they rely on unless we provide you with the best and most trusted products available today.

Excellent Services

We are on time, every time! This is not just a saying to us. Our customers become long-standing clients because our various services are on a set schedule. We are there when you need us, even when you’re too busy to worry about maintaining your air and water systems. If a problem arises, we will work until we get it right. That’s service done right.

Great Customer Service

G&B Environmental prides itself on its personalized attention to our clients. Your call or quote request will be answered by one of our knowledgeable staff members. Commercial and residential visits are usually same-day or next day. Our goal is to educate our clients and make this as easy as possible for you. Give us a call today and find out for yourself.

Indoor Air Quality

When at work and even at home during the hottest days of the summer, people spend most of their time indoors. The quality and purity of your indoor air is more important to your health and well-being than you might know, but we at G&B Environmental understand this. That’s why our products and services keep your systems running efficiently and effectively, greatly reducing indoor air pollutants like pollen, mold, and viruses that lead to illness.


Deferred Maintenance

Clogged systems will suffocate and eventually break down, requiring thousands of dollars in repairs. A scheduled air filter replacement extends the life of your systems for years. You can bank on it!


Energy Savings

Up to 60% of a building’s monthly energy expenses goes toward interior climate control. Enhanced HVAC maintenance can lower operating costs by as much as 40% while helping you avoid expensive emergency repairs and premature unit or component failure. Cottonwood and damaged coils from hailstorms can reduce a cooling unit’s efficiency by 50% if not properly protected with prevent screens. During a typical spring, cottonwood can become as thick as cardboard on your cooling coils, causing it to suffocate. You can save significant money in just one year just by protecting your systems.


Customer Service

We’re here to answer your questions. Whether it’s our customer service representatives taking your call or our in-field technicians on your rooftop, our job is to make our clients knowledgeable about their systems. You are not just a customer. We see ourselves as partners in your success. We don’t succeed unless you do!



If we don’t currently have it in stock, we’ll get it for you. We stock an assortment of MERV filters in our Eagan warehouse, including the highly sought after high-capacity MERV 13 filters. Whether it’s dirty filters that need changing and prevent screens that need installing to keep the onslaught of cottonwood out of your system or an emergency disinfectant spraying to protect employees, we make sure our services and products are available to you quickly.


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