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Did you know that a dirty or clogged filter in your HVAC system can reduce efficiency by 50% and increase your operating costs by more than 10%? With today’s increasing energy costs, is that an expense your business needs?

G&B Environmental stocks thousands of filters.

Our periodic filter replacement program will improve unit efficiency and cut down your operating costs. We schedule the filter changes according to your company’s needs.

At G&B Environmental, we are also aware of the impact on the environment. We use a filter changing system that will save you money and reduce what goes into our landfills. With standard filters, you throw away the entire filter, creating a lot of needless waste. We custom-build filter holding frames that allow us to change out just the filter material, reducing the amount of frame material that’s being discarded every time filters are changed. It’s a long-term money saver for both smaller and larger companies, and a smarter way of thinking about how we can save our resources.


G&B Environmental is a supplier of filters to commercial and industrial facilities for use in their heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, as well as dust collection systems, paint booth equipment and other process equipment.

  • Pleated Filters – Today’s standard is to use a minimum of 20% air filtration. Pleated panel filters meet this requirement.
  • Gas Phase Filters For Gas And Odors – They serve a dual function by removing both gaseous compounds and particulate matter from the filtered air. The gaseous control compounds are impregnated onto a polyester filter substrate and offer highly effective removal of gaseous contaminants as well as solid airboe contaminants. Filters are offered in the following medias: activated carbon and zeo-lite. Filters come in thickness of 1″ to 12″ and are offered in many face sizes.
  • Permanent Custom – Made Pad Holding Frame & Replaceable Filter Pad holding frames enable you to have a permanent filter frame with disposable filter material. Why throw away the frame each time when the only part of the filter that needs to be disposed of is the filter material? All frames are made to order so they can be custom fit to each air-handling unit. No need for spacers. Multiple filter applications can be reduced to one long holding frame, eliminating gaps between filters.
  • Filter Material For Permanent Pad Holding Frames – Bulk filter material is offered in polyester rolls and pads. Rolls come in various widths so as to eliminate any waste when cutting pads. G&B can also provide you with pre-cut pads in whatever dimensions you require.
  • Washable Aluminum Mesh Filter – The most poplar washable type filter on the market is this expanded aluminum mesh filter. It is used as an HVAC air filter as well as a grease filter in residential range hoods. This filter is produced by building up various layers of expanded aluminum materials bonded together to form the filter pad. These bonded layers form a baffle effect to trap airboe contaminates. Filter is available in standard and non-standard sizes, and in thicknesses of 1/8″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 1″ and 2″.
  • Ring Panel Filters – Self-sealing design guards against air bypass because the filter edges act as gaskets. Ring panel filters are fast to install and are fully self-supporting. Units are available in many thickness or plies and media types with inteal wire rod supports. “Slip on” types are available, which enable you to change out media by slipping replacement media over existing wire support rods.
  • Replacement Automatic Rolls – Replacement rolls for automatic roll machines are available to fit any existing equipment. Rolls are available in either fiberglass or polyester filter material.
  • Bag Filters – Medium and high efficiency bag filters come in a wide range of sizes that fit all types of air filtration systems. The controlled stitched pocket design enables high dust holding and long life. The self supporting bag filter provides superior performance in four efficiencies: 40-45%, 60-65%, 80-85%, and 90-95% constructed from medium and high efficiency synthetic or 90-95% glass media in a choice of face sizes, number of pockets and pocket lengths.
  • Rigid Cell Filters – Rigid cells are ideal for variable air volume systems because its performance is not affected by changing air velocity or system shut down. It is also ideal for equipment where space is a problem. Filters are offered in medium and high efficiencies in glass and synthetic media. Our rigid cell filters are encased in metal framing in 6″ and 12″ depths. Peripheral headers are available for side access unit.
  • Mini-Pleated Filters – This state of the art filter allows for high efficiencies, lower pressure drop, extended life, and can occupy less depth space than other high efficiency filters. These are positively the best type filters to use to upgrade your filtration. They are produced 60-65%, 80-85%, 90-95%, and HEPA grade filters in 2″, 4″, 6″, and 12″ depths. It’s an excellent filter to retrofit existing equipment to higher efficiencies. Filters come in many different frame types.
  • Extended Surface ASHRAE Cell Filters – Compact design with rigid construction that fits all HVAC systems. This particular type of filter is well suited for variable air volume systems where there is changing air velocity, in units where there is turbulent air, high temperature or high humidity. Available in 60-65%, 80-85% and 90-95% efficiencies. Their 6″ and 12″ depths enable them to be installed where space is limited. Available with side access headers and frame constructions of particle board or metal cell. No header, metal cell.
  • Air or Gas Filter Elements or Cartridges – We provide air or gas filter elements or cartridges to interchange with over 100 different filter manufacturers and a cross reference of over 8,000 different competitors’ part numbers. We also provide industrial filter housings to replace your OEM brand or meet your specifications.
  • Dust Collector Bags – We offer a complete line of replacement and custom designed dust collector bags to fit most manufactures’ filter bag housings.

Our Standard Filter Replacement Service Includes:

  • Scheduled, worry-free replacement of air filters on equipment.
  • Use of customized air filters to prevent warping and air leakage around filters.
  • Thorough inspection of condensing and evaporator coils.
  • Visually check for leaks from equipment and piping.
  • Inspect drip pans and J-traps on each unit.
  • Inspect belts & pulleys—adjust as necessary.
  • Inspect outside air screens or change filter media when needed.
  • Notification of any mechanical problems or potential problems.
  • Replace V-belts if necessary and when available at no charge to you.
  • Make sure units are sealed tightly for ideal operation.

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