COVID-19 HVAC Protectionsn

G&B Environmental, Incn is committed to providing our clients with the most recent information for helping them select the right products to protect their employee’s and family members during the most recent COVID-19 Pandemic.  According ton ASHRAE Joual Newsletter, March 24, 2020n :n

Basic principles of social distancing (1 to 2 m or 3 to 6.5 ft), surface cleaning and disinfection, handwashing and other strategies of good hygiene are far more important than anything related to the HVAC system.n 7n  But, once those basics above are covered, they have a fewn recommendations for HVAC systems:n

We all have a role to play to control the spread of this disease. HVAC is part of it and even more significant are social distancing, hygiene and the influence we can have on personal behavior.n
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