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Air Filtration Systems for Multi-Unit Properties

When it comes to multi-unit housing properties, air filtration systems and safe and effective disinfecting protect a variety of tenants and the staff members who assist them. In addition, poor indoor air quality and surface contamination in these properties pose a greater risk to the spread of a variety of contagions among the most vulnerable people who are cared for in assisted living facilities.

The need for air filters in large, multi-unit housing facilities is great. G&B Environmental stocks a variety of filters of various sizes in our warehouse, including high-capacity MERV 13 filters that capture airborne viruses.

We provide filters quickly at prices that are competitive.

Our technicians are experienced at cleaning multi-story magic paks.

Happy tenants are more comfortable and more inclined to stay long-term.

Our certified and highly experienced technicians will take on the responsibility of ensuring that your air filters are changed out on time, every time!

Our filter change-out service frees maintenance staff for more important responsibilities.

Our electrostatic disinfectant spraying service provides superior coverage and protection against viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi that spread on high-touch surfaces.

Our disinfectant is an organic solution registered with the EPA. This mechanical (not chemical) solution is safe to the touch and ideal for people who suffer from various allergies.