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Air Filtration Systems for Industrial Sector

When it comes to the industrial and manufacturing industry, air filtration systems are a must as they keep employees and customers safe from the dangerous particulates released during the production process. In addition, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can result in high maintenance costs and downtime due to erosion and dust build-up found within the various intricate machinery.

G&B Environmental provides a wide range of advanced air filtration systems for the industrial sector, including custom filters and filter holding devices.

No matter your facility’s needs and requirements, we can offer custom alterations to both filter housings and air handlers.

Based on your existing specifications, our experienced installation team can provide you with recommendations for air filtration systems that suit your industrial facility.

Our Certified Air Filtration Specialist are always more than happy to carry out a thorough survey and consultation at no additional charge.

An in-depth cost analysis is also provided to ensure customers that the life cycle of their filter is meeting and exceeding optimal efficiency.

On top of air filtration systems, implementing a dust collection system can also be advantageous in the industrial sector.

Optimize the performance and lifespan of heavy and intricate machinery.

Eliminate flame and spark hazards with Class I Fire Rating air filters.