When a condenser unit is damaged by hail, it can often be restored to its pre-loss condition by “combing” the fins with a special tool. A fin comb has thin plastic or metal teeth that fit between the aluminum fins of the condenser coil. Because the fins are thin and malleable, a technician can straighten them by pulling a comb along the coil. This is typically a far more cost-effective method to restore the efficiency of the condenser. If the deformation of the fins is too extensive, or if large hailstones have caused damage to the copper tubing itself, then it may be necessary to replace the coil. The cost advantage of combing out the hail damage can be substantial in some cases. Combing involves a few hours of labor, and does not require the purchase f any materials; replacing a coil or an entire condenser unit requires installation labor, thousands of dollars worth of materials, and even crane rental fees for rooftop units.n