Breathing easy begins with clean air filters, which is why it’s incredibly important to replace them regularly in your home or office. Air filters exist to remove debris from the air before it enters your HVAC system. Clean filters trap harmful bacteria and pollutants, combating illness and allergies. In addition, clean filters save you money – according to the EPA, regularly changing your filters can cut five to 10 percent off your bill on average! When the filter is clean, debris will be trapped by the filter and not by the system itself, promoting HVAC efficiency.n

The best time to replace your filter will generally be determined by your filter type. Refer to your HVAC manual and jot down your filter’s size and style – it will be helpful to have that information on hand while shopping! A good rule of thumb is to check your filters once a month. A typical suburban home without pets should plan to replace every three months. If you have a furry friend or two, you should replace every two months. Write the date on your filter before you install it so you’ll easily remember when you last replaced.n

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