Permatron’s patented PreVent® Equipment Protection Air Filters can save you thousands of dollars and man hours, in equipment downtime and maintenance costs by preventing debris from entering the system. Manufactured with UV protected polypropylene, a washable media, these filters can be used in hostile outdoor and indoor environments. Filter installation requires no system modifications or electrical hookups. Custom made to exact dimensions with a steel or vinyl frame, filters are easily affixed to the outer perimeter of the air intake with our unique, patented hook/loop or magnetic stripping, as well as grommets and mounting kits.n

Condensers, AHUs, Air Chillers, Louvers & RTUsn

Cooling Towersn

Compressors & Manufacturing Machinesn


Prevent airboe particles and debris from entering air intake openings:n

Easy cleaning: Media can be easily cleaned in place with a broom, shop vacuum or rinsed clean with water as needed. Inherent electrostatic charge in media captures fine particles, as well as larger debris. UL Classified As to Flammability Only.n