Air Filter Pads and Custom frames made to fit any fuace or A/C unit is by far the most cost efficient form of filtration for your hom or office. You do not incur the waste of purchasing the cardboard frame and metal grille with each fuace air filter. You purchase only the filter media pad. It takes only about one year to recapture the cost of the filter frame and then you only have to buy fuace filter pads and that is when you will see the real savings. It is very easy to remove and install an air filter pad on the holding frame. By using reusable holding frame you will not only save money, but you will contribute to the environment by only disposing of material used in the actual filtration process. I’ve seen millions of filters in the last twenty years and continue to use this form of filtration in my home because it works and I pay for filtration and not packaging hardware.  n

Each air filter pad is treated with a biocide that controls the growth of mold, mildew, algae and fungi on the filter and keeps the air you breathe fresh and clean. These air filters have a MERV 8 rating. By controlling these microorganisms it could help relieve allergies, asthma, sinus problems, headaches and nasal congestion. The air filter is held in place by a metal holding frame. The metal frame is made out of 20 gauge galvanized steel. The air filter attaches to the metal frame and slides in and out of your fuace. We need only the width and length of your current filter and will build filter frame to your dimensions. Call today and we will put your name on it for your very own personal fuace filter.n